Monday, March 7, 2011

I did not even wear tights today.

After some super serious rain last night, the sun has come out! It is beautiful! It was so sunny out that even though gas costs $3.45 a gallon at the cheapest station, and I stepped in a giant puddle while paying $3.45 for gas, it was still a good day. It is so sunny out that my pictures are so washed out that my white flats look actually white! (They are kind of dirty. See: Puddle)
I am really into button down shirts right now, even though I am pretty sure they make me look both really young and kind of dowdy at the same time.
That's ok, though, because I felt cool.

Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for Target via Goodwill in Pittsburgh about 4 years ago
Skirt: Thrift store, no brand. It says dry clean only, but I don't believe it! I left it at my boyfriend's once and he washed it for me, and it turned out fine.
Shirt: Thrift store, Ann Taylor petite


  1. What a beautiful skirt! And I love it with the green button-up. Nice and spring-y!

  2. Oooo this is so pretty!!!! I like your skirt a lot. I am listening to the Orchids and thinking of you and wondering if you would like to hang out Thursday?