Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Clothes Today

I never know how I feel about the fit of this shirt, but I love the color and therefor can't get rid of it.

Yes to stockings that are just Not My Skin Color. And Yes to Claw Hands.

Monday, April 11, 2011

He doesn't have a wife

 I was watching a A Hard Day's Night with my dad a few days ago, and was inspired by the actor playing the video director's fuzzy sweater.

I was compelled to stand over this shiny ball, as if I had just birthed it. IDK guys. I hope you like my ripped jeans look. I got them a few weeks ago because I went into the Aerie store at Towson mall to  find some undies, cause you can't buy undies at the thrift store (Ok, you can, but I don't) and the helpful salesperson told me that they had jeggings on sale! These are ankle jeggings, but I am short, so they are just normal jeggings for me. They are surprisingly jeanlike for jeggings! Anyway, this is the first pair of jeans I have had in a long time, and I love them! I was totally anti-jeans until jegging this came around. I ordered another pair in white from their website because I like these so much, where I got an extra 20% off the clearance price. Yay! And free shipping! Yay!

Find your backbend.

Check out my puffball clip on earrings. They are real mink.

These shoes are my classy jellies.

Sweater: J. Crew via Value Village
Shoes: Kenzo via Unique Thrift store
Jeans: American Eagle
Turtleneck: IDK

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


 It's spring break, but I still had to get dressed and go to my internship (although it is really a class) at an elementary school, so I had to look teacherly.

But I still had to be able to go on the playground. So I pulled out the cowgirl boots. I used to kind of collect cowgirl boots when I was in 7th and 8th grade and I thought they were really cool. My feet are still a size 8, so I think it is time to pull them back out.

Stripey shirt: American Eagle via Red, White and Blue in Pittsburgh
Cardigan: J. Crew via my mom via the thrift store
Dress: The Cheetah Girls via thrift store
Tights and shoes: ???
Watch: Gruen via thrift store
Giant wooden clip on earrings: Mom via thrift store

Monday, March 7, 2011

I did not even wear tights today.

After some super serious rain last night, the sun has come out! It is beautiful! It was so sunny out that even though gas costs $3.45 a gallon at the cheapest station, and I stepped in a giant puddle while paying $3.45 for gas, it was still a good day. It is so sunny out that my pictures are so washed out that my white flats look actually white! (They are kind of dirty. See: Puddle)
I am really into button down shirts right now, even though I am pretty sure they make me look both really young and kind of dowdy at the same time.
That's ok, though, because I felt cool.

Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for Target via Goodwill in Pittsburgh about 4 years ago
Skirt: Thrift store, no brand. It says dry clean only, but I don't believe it! I left it at my boyfriend's once and he washed it for me, and it turned out fine.
Shirt: Thrift store, Ann Taylor petite

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am wearing a leopard shirt for Sheila Ephemera's Leopard Week. Ya'll may notice that, like, half of my posts are challenges. Challenges motivate me, folks! Otherwise I will say, "Should I go out and take picture of my outfit today?" and the answer will be "'s so cold out today," But I had to wear leopard by the end of the week! I will probably be doing it tomorrow, too. Leopard is one of my favorite colors. I felt like such a baller in this outfit. Yesterday was sunglasses day at the school I intern at, and I felt like James Dean walking around all day in sunglasses. I meant to get a sunglasses photo, but I only got this photo before my camera died, and was not able to find working batteries until today. So this is the only documentation EVER of this outfit (although I realize it is kind of dowdy...I felt really cool wearing pants. I also had giant wooden earrings, that I will need to get a better photo of at a later date. Giant earrings always make me feel awesome, because it is such a novel sensation, because it is so hard to find giant clip on earrings!)

Also, please notice my shoes! They are kind of tan and boring, but they are THE best comfy heels. No, I am not being paid. I found a pair of character shoes in 7th grade at the Red, White and Blue thrift store in Pittsburgh that was pretty much the only place I ever shopped growing up, and was converted. I have been buying the same shoes since then. I usually pay full price for them, because I NEED THEM. My life will not go on without my boring comfy tan dance shoes. But I found these ones at Value Village during the President's Day sale, so they were only three dollars! And I usually pay sixty for them! Such a score.

Shoes: So Danca
Cardigan: J Crew via my mom
Pants: Faconnable, via Value Village
Shirt: ???

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Model Behavior

It seems I have missed Wendy's post on red legs, but I wanted to join in! I am doing the Wendy Brandes pose to make up for my lateness!

Wendy only has one pose, but though I should try a few out, as it seems most fashion bloggers have many. I am actually going to start doing yoga on Tuesday, in an effort to learn more poses and become a better fashion blogger. As these photos evidence, I am not yet very talented at posing.
With time, I will improve at looking as if I have been caught off guard in my natural environment when the self-timer goes off.

Tights, belt, skirt, shirt: Thrift store
Shoes: L. L. Bean
Lipstick: Lasting Lust by MAC

Saturday, February 19, 2011

French schoolgirl

This is my main striped shirt, and it is actually a dress. The skirt is from a school uniform, actually. I wore this to my second day of internship, because the kids were distracted my all my jewelry and bright colors on the first day of internship.

I am obviously the worst blogger ever, because I do not know how to turn these photos. They were right side up when I saved the files, but blogger will not let me put them that way. Oh well, at least all the photos are the same width today! I hear that is important. Small victories.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blazer Saddles

Today was a good day for the Everybody, Everywear blazer day. It was my first day of my "internship", which is actually just a class. You sign up, they place you in a school. It is kind of like student teaching, but with less teaching. An in-between step. So I needed to look professional. Which I love. Dressing up is awesome. I wore this blazer, which is not very classic and maybe is kind of dowdy. But I kind of have dowdy style, so of course I like it. It is velvety with a flower pattern. I am pretty sure it was cut from the same cloth as the sofa from my childhood home.

Blazer: Thrift store, Talbots petite.
Skirt: Thrift store, no tag
Shirt: Ben Sherman
Shoes: Thrift store, Bruno Magli

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today I initially thought I was going to take my outfit photos inside. It is February, so it is freezing and wet outside. However, I looked outside my window, and spring must be coming! There were leaves on the trees, and wildflowers had started sprouting! So I went outside and took a photo. However, it still gets dark quite early, so the stars were already out! What a beautiful night!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The White Stripes broke up.

Notice the tree carnage from the storm a few days ago in the background.
I am generally against the black, white and red combination, because I am not a member of the White Stripes* and do not want to be mistaken for one. However, it was a winning combination today. I have cut my hair too short, but only on one side, so it looks a little bit terrible, and I am going to be experimenting with turbans and hats in the next few weeks. The black, white and red combo helps people to accept my turban wearing as extremely stylish and put together instead of trying to cover a bad haircut or thinking that I am dressed up as a gypsy.

Sometimes fashion bloggers get caught
mid-pose. Here is an example of that.
Turban: From my mom
Dress: Unique thrift store, Styleworks
Shoes: Sister's left-behinds. Xhileration.
Shirt: Thrift store.
*When I got home, I found out that the White Stripes broke up today, so the outfit is very timely.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Better late than never

I am here to join the fashion blogging party. Here is what I wore today.
I love giant clip on earrings. I found these this
 morning when foraging in my mom's jewelry
collection, and they matched my palate of blue
 and cream. I also need a haircut.

I did not actually wear the beret today, but when I got home from school, my hair was messed up. I really did not weather the day very well. My skirt was too big on me. The whole day it was sliding down and letting everyone see the control tops of my tights. I am hoping that everyone thought I was wearing an undershirt. Next time I see this skirt, I will have to introduce it to a belt. 
Maryssa and I had a two hour break, which was as boring as this picture made it look. For a while, we sat in the cafeteria, but that quickly grew tiresome after we had finished eating.
We decided to walk around and go fashion blogging. She walks faster than me, and is always leaving me behind. She also never tells me if my cardigan is buttoned wrong.
Today is the first day in a million years that I have used this backpack. It is great. Things feel so much lighter than they do in a tote bag! I see all these dumb bitches walking around like bent trees carrying giant tote bags. To think, just yesterday, that was me! I have seen the light! 

Turtleneck: Thrift store, no tag.
Cardigan: Thrift store, J. Crew
Skirt: Red White & Blue thrift store in Pittsburgh. I have had this since I was in 6th grade. Abercrombie & Fitch
Tights: Ebay, Danskin. 
Boots: Thrift store, no brand. The sole just says the size and "Waterproof"