Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am wearing a leopard shirt for Sheila Ephemera's Leopard Week. Ya'll may notice that, like, half of my posts are challenges. Challenges motivate me, folks! Otherwise I will say, "Should I go out and take picture of my outfit today?" and the answer will be "'s so cold out today," But I had to wear leopard by the end of the week! I will probably be doing it tomorrow, too. Leopard is one of my favorite colors. I felt like such a baller in this outfit. Yesterday was sunglasses day at the school I intern at, and I felt like James Dean walking around all day in sunglasses. I meant to get a sunglasses photo, but I only got this photo before my camera died, and was not able to find working batteries until today. So this is the only documentation EVER of this outfit (although I realize it is kind of dowdy...I felt really cool wearing pants. I also had giant wooden earrings, that I will need to get a better photo of at a later date. Giant earrings always make me feel awesome, because it is such a novel sensation, because it is so hard to find giant clip on earrings!)

Also, please notice my shoes! They are kind of tan and boring, but they are THE best comfy heels. No, I am not being paid. I found a pair of character shoes in 7th grade at the Red, White and Blue thrift store in Pittsburgh that was pretty much the only place I ever shopped growing up, and was converted. I have been buying the same shoes since then. I usually pay full price for them, because I NEED THEM. My life will not go on without my boring comfy tan dance shoes. But I found these ones at Value Village during the President's Day sale, so they were only three dollars! And I usually pay sixty for them! Such a score.

Shoes: So Danca
Cardigan: J Crew via my mom
Pants: Faconnable, via Value Village
Shirt: ???

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