Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Better late than never

I am here to join the fashion blogging party. Here is what I wore today.
I love giant clip on earrings. I found these this
 morning when foraging in my mom's jewelry
collection, and they matched my palate of blue
 and cream. I also need a haircut.

I did not actually wear the beret today, but when I got home from school, my hair was messed up. I really did not weather the day very well. My skirt was too big on me. The whole day it was sliding down and letting everyone see the control tops of my tights. I am hoping that everyone thought I was wearing an undershirt. Next time I see this skirt, I will have to introduce it to a belt. 
Maryssa and I had a two hour break, which was as boring as this picture made it look. For a while, we sat in the cafeteria, but that quickly grew tiresome after we had finished eating.
We decided to walk around and go fashion blogging. She walks faster than me, and is always leaving me behind. She also never tells me if my cardigan is buttoned wrong.
Today is the first day in a million years that I have used this backpack. It is great. Things feel so much lighter than they do in a tote bag! I see all these dumb bitches walking around like bent trees carrying giant tote bags. To think, just yesterday, that was me! I have seen the light! 

Turtleneck: Thrift store, no tag.
Cardigan: Thrift store, J. Crew
Skirt: Red White & Blue thrift store in Pittsburgh. I have had this since I was in 6th grade. Abercrombie & Fitch
Tights: Ebay, Danskin. 
Boots: Thrift store, no brand. The sole just says the size and "Waterproof"

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  1. I want that book sweater. can I have it when you grow out of it?