Thursday, February 24, 2011

Model Behavior

It seems I have missed Wendy's post on red legs, but I wanted to join in! I am doing the Wendy Brandes pose to make up for my lateness!

Wendy only has one pose, but though I should try a few out, as it seems most fashion bloggers have many. I am actually going to start doing yoga on Tuesday, in an effort to learn more poses and become a better fashion blogger. As these photos evidence, I am not yet very talented at posing.
With time, I will improve at looking as if I have been caught off guard in my natural environment when the self-timer goes off.

Tights, belt, skirt, shirt: Thrift store
Shoes: L. L. Bean
Lipstick: Lasting Lust by MAC


  1. You're wearing my favorite lipstick! For that, I'm going to update the red tights post and add you!

  2. Great blog. Very interesting and stylish.

    Just come and see mine.


  3. I love your outfit! The red tights are sweet.

    Your hair! I love it. I'm so envious, I so don't have the balls to make my hair that short. Yours looks so good!

  4. Hello!
    Oh you have such a great style! I just watched some of your other posts too, and I really liked all of those outfits :) Very nice blog you have, I will folloow!

    autumn, coffee and inspiration

  5. A rare combination of beauty, innocence and style, nice blog!

  6. Louise - Are those shoes LL Bean thrifted? I want a pair of strap clogs or wedges to wear with cute socks. Send help.