Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The White Stripes broke up.

Notice the tree carnage from the storm a few days ago in the background.
I am generally against the black, white and red combination, because I am not a member of the White Stripes* and do not want to be mistaken for one. However, it was a winning combination today. I have cut my hair too short, but only on one side, so it looks a little bit terrible, and I am going to be experimenting with turbans and hats in the next few weeks. The black, white and red combo helps people to accept my turban wearing as extremely stylish and put together instead of trying to cover a bad haircut or thinking that I am dressed up as a gypsy.

Sometimes fashion bloggers get caught
mid-pose. Here is an example of that.
Turban: From my mom
Dress: Unique thrift store, Styleworks
Shoes: Sister's left-behinds. Xhileration.
Shirt: Thrift store.
*When I got home, I found out that the White Stripes broke up today, so the outfit is very timely.


  1. Cute dress! I love the pattern and the red, black and white mix!

  2. LOL @ your White Stripes comment.

  3. I want that black and white dress when you are done with it. I want your clothes. When are you coming to Athens with them?

  4. This is a great outfit, love it!

    Thanks for taking parting in Leopard Week! I'm looking forward to seeing your outfit(s).

  5. Aww I think it looks really cute and very chic! Nothing wrong with channeling gypsies or the white stripes!